Acenet Web Hosting

Whether you call them Acenet web hosting or Ace Host web hosting, one thing remains clear - this is clearly a solid web hosting company to choose. They offer their users one of the widest ranges of choices, all the while providing one of the least expensive solutions to hosting a web site. We have found that Acenet provides their users with one of the most stable services, all backed by a number of different features. We have tested out Acenet extensively in order to determine whether or not they provide their users with a stable service, and we have come out giving them high marks in almost every field.

Acenet Features

AceNet offers their users a wide range of choices. You can host a shared server if you so desire, but you can also have more private options. They offer dedicated servers to those who need a more manageable space, while virtual private servers (VPS) and reseller servers are also available. Each type of server is economically viable in their own right, so you will have no problems actually attempting to to establish your own site on your terms. Linux servers are their bread and butter. E-commerce functions are readily available, and FTP access can make your connections totally easy. Everything is managed by cPanel, so you will have no problems keeping your site up and running.

Acenet Plug Ins And Content Management

You will have access to a number of different plug-ins by way of Ace-Host. You will have access to most of the more common ones, including the major three - WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Each of these back ends can be very easily integrated into your server. Other plug-ins are also viable, though they are not widely accepted by AceHost.

Acenet Perks And Benefits

AceHost has many advantages over several other web hosts. First off, they use the Barracuda Spam Firewall to help your inbox stay clean. They use R1Soft backups keep all of your remote data safe from potential erasure. The Toplayer IPS defends against DDoS attacks, security threats, and viruses, so you will be kept completely safe in your web hosting. You can have all of this and more for the low prices that we found in our AceNet web hosting review.

Acenet Plug Ins

- WordPress

- Drupal

- Joomla

Acenet Misc. Information
  • - 99.9% Uptime record proven
    - 30 day money back guarantee
    - Unlimited subdomains, bandwidth, and hosted domains
    - MySQL, FTP and daily backups
    - Monthly rates as low as $9.97

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