Dotster Web Hosting

Dotster hosting controls a fairly sizable chunk of the market share, and they would not have risen to the heights that they have without maintaining a high level of quality. Dotster offers their users a variety of different hosting solutions, all beginning with inexpensive prices and a number of different features. They are one of the Eco-friendly web hosts, offering green energy solutions and energy efficient servers. We have found that Dotster offers their users a stable and easy to use service, all predicated on the simplicity of Windows or Linux servers. This makes them viable for essentially any form of website, be it for personal or business purposes.

Dotster Features

A variety of different servers can be rented through Dotster, offering easy access to a number of different services. We have found that they primarily offer their users access to shared servers, but they also offer Virtual Private servers to those who do not want to sit on a shared service. As of now, reseller and dedicated servers are not available through Dotster's hosting service. Their shared servers begin at $5.95, while VPS servers begin at $34.95 a month. Either way yo go, Doster offers state of the art server technology for high uptime and efficient web loading. Most servers come with cPanel, while others come with Plesk. Add-ons can easily be installed, SiteBuilder is on hand to make easy websites, and high security is integrated into each of the servers that they offer.

Dotster Plug Ins And Content Management

Building a powerful site with Dotster is easy enough, and integration of add-ins has come even easier. If you want to back your site with an add-on such as blogging software like WordPress or something for content management, such as Joomla or Drupal, you should have no problems adding the software in with a few clicks of the mouse. Their servers are ready to run many other brands of back-end, including a few brands of social networking service.

Dotster Perks And Benefits

You will see that Dotster, as one of the major trusted hosting sites, offers their users some of the better incentives to purchase their hosting. First off, they offer free domain names with new hosting plans in many cases. They also offer a free 30 day trial to their Instant Website service, which offers a fully functional website in a matter of minutes. They also offer a variety business packages, including local promotion, social networking, and SEO marketing - all at fair prices. Keep your eyes on their page for coupon codes, which will occasionally offer their users a way to save money on their hosting. Our Dotster web hosting review found that they are always adding in new features.

Dotster Plug Ins

- WordPress

- Joomla

- Drupal

Dotster Misc. Information
  • - 150% Wind Energy
    - No Contracts Required
    - 99% Up Time
    - Incredible Security Measures
    - Domain Registration
    - Enormous User Base, Customer Satisfaction

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