Green Web Hosting

By turning to green hosting, you can help reduce the carbon footprint left by these hosting sites. Being that server farms generate enormous amounts of heat and can prove very expensive in terms of electricity consumption, green hosting has been rising in popularity. Not only does it appeal to the environmentally minded, but it can also be less expensive due to the fact that they require less electricity and management. These green or eco-friendly hosting ventures generally use wind power, which means no carbon emissions. Green servers, other than the way that they are powered, are generally not much different than standard servers. Most of the features you find in standard hosting can be found through the best green hosting sites and companies, which means you can be environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality.

Top Green Web Hosting Sites

GreenGeeks - Uses Green Energy To Power Servers For A Better Enviroment

If you want to go green with your web hosting, know that GreenGeeks is the place to go. GreenGeeks uses 300% wind energy, which means they purchase wind energy credits at a 3-to-1 ratio of standard grid energy. GreenGeeks as a company takes great strides to offering green hosting, making this one of the most eco-conscious services around. They have inexpensive plans to keep your costs low, all the while maintaining a strict dedication to going green. GreenGeeks is one of the most versatile web hosting services online, offering Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and more all through their back end powered by the cPanel service.


HostGator - Cheap Green Hosting Starting At $3.96 Per Month

HostGator has gone green, offering their users of shared and reseller web hosting the ability to operate on a green server. Their green hosting service offers a 130% wind powered service by purchasing wind power credits at a ratio of 1.3-to-1. HostGator offers some of the cheapest shared servers, offering hosting at a nominal sum of $3.96 a month in some cases. HostGator strives to be an energy efficient service, and we can assure you that they are easily one of the most powerful green hosting services out there.


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HostGator Web Hosting Starting at $3.96 Per Month Free Domain Transfers Visit
GreenGeeks Web Hosting Starting at $4.95 Per Month Domain Name For Life Visit
Hostican Web Hosting Starting at $4.95 Per Month Very Fast File Transfers Visit
MochaHost Web Hosting Starting at $1.95 Per Month Many Backend Plugins Available Visit
UltraHosting Web Hosting Starting at $17.95 Per Month No Contract, No Commitment Visit

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