HostICan Web Hosting

Inexpensive, stable hosting is found through HostICan web hosting, one of the leading web hosting companies on the market. They offer their a low end for economy users looking to build small websites, but they also offer a high end that blows most other, similar services right out of the water. HostICan offers a slew of different types of hosting, including straight shared servers, dedicated servers and even VPS servers for those looking to control costs. Regardless of what sort of site you may be aiming to host, you should not have too much trouble actually establishing it if you use HostICan, considering their high level of uptime and economical prices.

HostICan Features

You will immediately see upon visiting HostICan's site that they offer their users standard shared services, which keep costs low, but also virtual private servers of the highest caliber and some of the most powerful dedicated servers on the market. They offer nine different packages for VPS hosting, and these can begin at $19.95 a month. Their VPS can grow incredibly powerful, eliminating the need for a physical server in many situations. Their dedicated servers begin at $189.95 a month, but these can be customized and to offer much higher specifications, which means you can host the largest of websites or operations over these dedicated servers. They have fully managed options, cPanel readily available, both Windows and Linux operating systems, and they even use Green Power to operate their servers. A site builder is also available for those who do not wish to mess with the technical aspects of running a server.

HostICan Plug Ins And Content Management

Many major and even many minor pieces of add-on software can be installed on HostICan servers. They provide seamless integration of Wordpress and Joomla, while Drupal will take a little more effort. Pligg and Elgg servers have also been known to run on HostICan's service, though BoonEx software, Dolphin included, seems to have a rough time working on some HostICan servers. You should, in most cases, not have any issues loading up this software.

HostICan Perks And Benefits

None of the trusted hosting sites are without extra incentive to join, monetary or otherwise, and HostICan is no different. First off, they have a no hidden fees guarantee, so you will not be charged for anything other than they list. They have a simple one-click installation program for many add-ons, customer service based totally in the United States, and an impressive SiteBuilder tool that will help your site get off the ground. Backup services will keep your site up and running without the risk of failure or data loss, and you will even receive unlimited space, bandwidth and domains with the basic package at HostICan.

HostICan Plug Ins

- WordPress

- Drupal

- Pligg

- Elgg

- BoonEx

HostICan Misc. Information
  • - 99.9% Up time Guaranteed
    - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    - Free SiteBuilder and Templates
    - 52 One-Click installable scripts
    - Base Price of $4.95
    - Customizable servers
    - 20Gbit/second Connections

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