HostNine Web Hosting

HostNine web hosting emerged back in 2006 with the goal to be an affordable web hosting service that does not sacrifice quality in order to deliver better prices. If you join up with HostNine you will be afforded some of the most inexpensive web hosting out there, all backed by the same quality as more expensive sites. They are stable, offer a variety of features, easy connectivity through FTP, offer easy payments and a slew of perks and advantages. HostNine provides some of the best possible hosting, and we are here to show you why.

HostNine Features

HostNine has combined a wide range of features into their service. First and foremost, their service is managed by cPanel, which makes operating a site as easy as possible. They make e-commerce as easy as possible, as they have added in several e-commerce solutions. PayPal integration and setting up shopping carts are both very easy through HostNine. Business websites will find this particularly beneficial. Microsoft Exchange, ASP.NET, Windows and Linux servers alike can all be used through HostNine's servers. Several content management systems are also available through HostNine, which will make your whole gambling affair even easier.

HostNine Plug Ins And Content Management

One of the few bad things we can say about HostNine is that they do not advertise accessibility to that many content management systems. They do accept the most important ones, including WordPress and Joomla. You will also be able to use Drupal, Magneto, OScommerce, and phpBB, but it seems that these are your only options for hosting. Though you may be able to use other content management software, they do not seem to be specifically supported by HostNine's service.

HostNine Perks And Benefits

There are not as many perks to joining up with HostNine as there are with others. HostNine does offer new users that come from other web hosts a free $50 credit, as well as a free account transfer. There is little extra in ways of free perks and rewards, though you this transfer service is one of the better perks out there. The lack of benefits and rewards should not distract you away from joining up with HostNine, however. As we have found in this Host Nine web hosting review, they have more than enough to make up for it.

HostNine Plug Ins
  • - WordPress
  • - Drupal
  • - Joomla
  • - Magneto
  • - OS Commerce
  • - phpBB
HostNine Misc. Information
  • - Guaranteed Up Time of 99.9%
    - Easy Access to CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla
    - Lost Costs - Packages begin at $3.95 a month
    - No hidden fees or contracts
    - Regular Coupons
    - VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated hosting
    - 45-Day Money back guarantee

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