JustHost Web Hosting

Though it is one of the less powerful web hosts on the market, JustHost Web Hosting is still one of the more versatile services available. They seem to specialize in content management systems, as they offer a few that are not generally found through most other web hosts. This has made JustHost a solid choice for those who are looking to establish a niche social networking site, a back end that does not require too much work, or even a blog. Full blown websites are also viable with this service, as JustHost caters to all webmasters. They might not be the biggest of the web hosts, nor the most diverse in terms of options and plans, but they are still a solid choice for anyone looking to start their own website, be it for business, pleasure, information or anything else.

JustHost Features

JustHost offers their users a slim number of features compared to other web hosts, but this should not distract away from their overall service. If you are just looking to host a fairly basic website without the use of many other plug-ins or add-ons, than JustHost is a solid choice for you. They still offer the standards - the choice between shared and dedicated servers, server management, virtual private servers (VPS), and reseller services. As per the usual, cPanel is on the back-end. E-commerce and business features are both available, as is a website designer you can use to do it yourself. JustHost is simply one of the most feature full web hosts out there.

JustHost Plug Ins And Content Management

In terms of content management systems, JustHost is limited in some regards and totally extensive in others. JustHost offers their users the standards - Joomla, Drupal and WordPress - but a few others are also available. We have found that they also accept Boonex Dolphin. Since JustHost provides their users with these add-ons, plug-ins and more, your website can be incredibly diverse or specifically tailored without any real boundaries. Free and easy installations are available, meaning you do not have to have any technical knowledge in order to upload your content management system.

JustHost Perks And Benefits

There are several advantages to hosting your site through JustHost, as they provide their users with a number of different benefits to joining. They offer $50 for Google ad credits, $50 for MySpace ad credits, $25 in Yahoo ad credits, and an anytime money back guarantee. Free e-commerce shopping carts, a free site builder can be found, and even a free domain name can be registered with their service. JustHost offers these rewards and benefits to those without a website and those who are hoping to transfer their website over to JustHost from another hosting service.

JustHost Plug Ins
  • - Drupal
  • - Wordpress
  • - Joomla
  • - Dolphin
  • - cPanel
  • - eCommerce
JustHost Misc. Information
  • - 99.9% Up Time Guaranteed
    - Free Site Builder
    - Unlimited Space, Transfers, Domains, eMail, MySQL
    - Free Domain Name
    - Anytime Moneyback Guarantee
  • - $125 In Free Ad Credits
  • - Free Commerce Tools

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