LiquidWeb Web Hosting

Sporting some of the more advanced pieces of technology in their servers, Liquid Web Hosting provides a flexible and powerful hosting service. They provide their users with a number of options, and plans begin at a low $14.95 a month. Their service is inexpensive compared to the number of features you get, regardless of weather or not they are cheaper servers on the market. Liquid Web has plans for those who are attempting to operate a personal site, a business site, or even a site for a full blown enterprise. We examined Liquid Web, and we have given them high rankings for their service.

Liquid Web Features

Liquid Web offers their users a comprehensive list of features, which have put together a number of different options to choose from. Dedicated, VPS and shared servers are all available, but you will also see that they have their "smart servers," which are the next generation servers. They establish dedicated servers in minutes, flexible daily billing, automatic server migrations, and server scaling with the click of a button. Back ups are done daily, and several Linux kernals can be used in this service. Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian are all available through Liquid Web. With their pay-as-you-go billing, you will never be charged for anything other than what you use.

Liquid Web Plug Ins And Content Management

Liquid Web's servers are intensely powerful and customizable, and many back ends, add-ons, and plug-ins can be used with their service. They have plenty of content management systems available, not the least of which are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. E-commerce hosting, Microsoft Exchange, and FTP can all be used to run your server. You should have no trouble installing these services, as cPanel can be used to install these plug-ins.

Liquid Web Perks And Benefits

The hardware built into the servers provided by Liquid Web is generally a cut above most other web hosts. This is a major perk through their service. Especially with their smart servers, you should be able to build and create a server that is incredibly powerful. Their high performance servers carry redundant firewalls, load balancers, redundant servers and switches keep their high powered servers up and running without any complications to speak of. Our Liquid Web hosting review has provided us with a new web host for our own websites, and we recommend it to all of our readers.

Liquid Web Plug Ins
  • - Drupal
  • - Joomla
  • - WordPress
  • - Microsoft Exchange
  • - cPanel
Liquid Web Misc. Information
  • - 100% up time guaranteed
  • - Proactive responses to incidents in the servers
  • - Fully managed databases with backups and restorations
  • - High quality at low cost

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