Steadfast Web Hosting

For the most part, Steadfast Web Hosting is is a fairly esoteric service. They have a few basic limitations. They are not an inexpensive web host in the sense that they offer packages for less than $10 a month. They have recently cut out shared servers, so you will only have access to dedicated servers, VPS's and clustered services. This may make their basic package somewhat more expensive, and definitely more for those who expect a large amount of traffic, but those that wish it will find this to be their best option available.

Steadfast Features

In terms of trusted hosting sites, Steadfast has a few limitations on their features. They primarily offer Linux based servers, though you can have Windows servers installed. Several control panels, including Plesk and cPanel, are available through their servers. You can have your server made more powerful through extra RAM and bandwidth, as well as have higher anti-virus and DNS management services. Steadfast is definitely one of the more professional web hosts out there, which is why we recommend them for medium sized businesses or higher.

Steadfast Plug Ins And Content Management

Though they do not directly advertise it, Steadfast does accept a fairly wide range of different hosting services. You will see that Steadfast provides framework for several content management services, blog softwares, and also social networking software. They offer their users Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal as their main services. Pligg may also be compatible, but they currently have no one using the Pligg back end on their service. Dolphin and Elgg are also available for those attempting to establish a social networking site.

Steadfast Perks And Benefits

If you decide on SteadFast, you may not receive any monetary perks but you will be signing up with one of the most stable and professional web hosts out there. We recommend them for a variety of reasons, most notably the fact that they offer a very business like atmosphere. While anyone can make use of their servers, those who are attempting to operate a site for a medium or larger business will find this to be most beneficial. They back up your data, they offer high quality hardware, and they are regularly improving the level of service they offer by providing a full list of features best suited in the business community. In the Steadfast Web hosting review, we determined that they are easily one of the best choices in the e-commerce community.

Steadfast Plug Ins
  • - WordPress
  • - Drupal
  • - Joomla
  • - BoonEx Dolphin
  • - Elgg
Steadfast Misc. Information
  • - Managed Security
    - Cloud based services
    - Discount servers
    - Colocation Services for faster load times
    - Back Up services

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