Storm On Demand Web Hosting

Storm on Demand web hosting has begun offering hosting based on cloud computing, offering powerful and flexible access to web hosting. Fit for the needs of various purposes, both personal and business, this web host is capable of offering you a server that is totally customizable. Their pricing is as flexible as their options, as they have a great number of different plans that you can choose from. This extensive set of features would make you think that they are pricey, but this is still one of the most affordable web hosting services out there.

Storm On Demand Features

Since they are primarily a cloud based web host, Storm on Demand functions somewhat differently from other hosting sites. These are essentially virtual private servers with a twist. Your server can be upgraded or downgraded on the fly, adding or subtracting RAM, disk space and bandwidth with just a few clicks. These "storm servers" are generally on demand, with you being charged only as you use it. The servers are deployed rapidly, they are incredibly secure, and they have cloud based servers beginning at $35 a month or $0.05 an hour. Their Bare Metal pricing plans, which are dedicated storm servers, began at $125 a month. Each server is powerful, backups are available, and several Linux Kernals can be used - CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian are all available.

Storm On Demand Plug Ins And Content Management

Because it is a cloud based server, Storm on Demand servers are not normally used for standard web hosting, thought hey are capable of using quite a few different plug-ins. WordPress is one content management system that will definitely work in conjunction with these enhanced VPS servers. You should be able to run Drupal and Joomla as well. Since cPanel is only available through a limited number of their services, it will be a little more complicated to install the management software on to the server if you do not know what you're doing.

Storm On Demand Perks And Benefits

One of the major benefits to Storm on Demand is their structured pricing plans. You can pay for your server on an hourly rate or a monthly rate, which will help you keep your costs under control. Next up you will see that they offer bandwidth based on bundles or through an on demand pricing plan. You will see that you can pay per gigabyte or accept a monthly plan. Their servers boast high up time, high stability, but best of all is their customer support. Anytime you need help, they will take care of the issue incredibly quickly. Even if your server crashes, which is unlikely, you will have it repaired quickly in less than a few hours. Our Storm on Demand Web Hosting review showed us that their customer support team is waiting on hand to help you with any problem you may encounter.

Storm On Demand Plug Ins

- WordPress

- Joomla

- Drupal

Storm On Demand Misc. Information
  • - 99% up time
    - 24/7 customer support
    - Various hosting packages
    - Inexpensive Cloud Bandwidth
    - Balanced server loads

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