XLHost Web Hosting

There may be many reasons to choosing XLHost, but we have found that their slogan sums it up - reliability, speed, value. Through XLHost you will be treated to constant uptime that is rarely compromised, inexpensive web hosting that does not fall short of quality, and some of the fastest servers around. We have come to XLHost for their relatively inexpensive servers, though they do not offer shared services. They predominantly offer dedicated and VPS servers, making this one of the more viable hosting services for professional users. We have found that they keep prices to incredibly low, all to provide players with easy access to easy hosting.

XLHost Features

Through XLHost, dedicated hosting and Virtual Private Servers are the primary options available. They offer some of the most powerful servers around, and these can be tooled to be more powerful in the event that they are necessary. They have managed servers for their users, advanced hosting solutions, and a control panel worthy of respect - cPanel. High security, linux servers, and easy payments through PayPal. Though XLHost is not one of the most versatile hosts, they are great at what they do - offering users access to high quality web hosting at a low price.

XLHost Plug Ins And Content Manager

Since XLHost is one of the more versatile web hosts, they are capable of offering their users a number of different options for add-ons and plug-ins. Their e-commerce solutions are easy enough to use, while the cPanel service can be used to incorporate a number of different add-ons. WordPress is the plug-in that is supported primarily.

XLHost Perks And Benefits

First and foremost, you will never have subpar components added into your servers. Instead, you will be using only high quality Dell hardware through XLHost. They use high quality firewalls to protect their users, so you will not have to worry about your site being compromised. Through XLHost you will be able to utilize their servers with incredibly low prices, making this service one of the most affordable out there. Our review of XLHost web hosting found that they are dedicated to only offering the most powerful service around for the price.

XLHost Plug Ins

- Drupal

- Wordpress

- Joomla

XLHost Misc. Information
  • - 99% up time
  • - Free server set up
  • - Dedicated servers begin at $49 a month
  • - Frequently offers discounted servers
  • - Managed security services

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